Don't feed/pay the models (deux)

I was beginning to think that it was just Toronto models being screwed over, until I learnt about the lawsuit between 3 NEXT models and their agent, who is alleged to have been stealing their wages (not an uncommon scenario). In the midst of this whole tra-la-la, it was revealed how much French VOGUE, one of the most sought after editorial bookings for a model, pays a stingy $125 day rate! 

I mean come on! I am sure the photographers, makeup artists and stylists on... more after the jump...
the shoot made way more than this. And please don't give me the old "exposure" story- most editorials feature every ones name except the model's (what's up with that?). So what's in it for us?

Modelling needs to be respected as a profession. We work hard, sacrifice a lot and take our jobs seriously. So much is expected from us yet it feels like we are at the bottom tier of the fashion industry. We are seen and not heard and it's expected that we should be grateful for whatever scraps are left over from the fashion industry table.

What do you think? Should models be paid or be grateful for exposure?


  1. Exposure is only good when you're already in the public eye! The repetition of your image. That is what they already know but don't tell you.


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