Don't feed/pay the Models

Erwin Loewen photo
People tend to have this idea that high fashion Models live glamourous lives, have people waiting at their beck and call (lest they have to strike them with a cell phone) and make gross amounts of money struting the runway.

This could not be farther from the truth. Most (and by most I mean all) of the models I know, have a second job. Something fairly stable that will pay the rent, student loans and other necessary expenses. Why? The reality is Models are underpaid. Read about model protests after the jump...

I mean there are the perks. I've been invited to a lot of VIP parties for free, I've gotten a lot of expensive makeup gratis, discounts at salons and spas, beauty products, clothing but not a whole lot of actual cash. I don't think my landlord would be too impressed if I paid him this month with "Bitter Velvet"  MAC Eyeshadow or Clinique "Dramatically Different Moisturizing" Lotion.

That's why I was glad to see the models at Sutherland, Elite, Push, Spot 6 and B&M, at Toronto's LG Fashion week this past October, taking a stand against the gross underpayment (or lack thereof) in the fashion industry. The full story, entitled "A model mutiny at Toronto fashion week" is covered in the Toronto star here