How to Wear: The Body Chain

I have been in love with this new trend for a long time now but wasn't willing to shell out upwards of $800 for one so I began designing my own. I am happy to present my new body chain collection for summer via the Faire de la Mode Jewellery shop.

Not sure how to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe? Check out some of my ideas below:

Thin Chain

Thin body chain works well with a variety of styles. More subtle than thick body chain, they work well with low necklines, bikinis, and cropped tops. They look best under loose fitting clothing or over tight fitting clothing.

Thick Chain

Thick body chains work well over clothing such as t-shirts, dresses etc. Keep your outfit fairly simple to avoid having your chain compete with what your wearing. Try a neutral/pastel coloured t-shirt and jeans, or a striped dress or jumper allowing the chain to add a touch of style to your outfit. 

Back Embellished Chain

Back embellished body chain works best with, you guessed it, backless tops and dresses. This allows the back pendant to be an amazing focal point. Keep in mind that you can adjust the back pendant higher or lower by pulling the chain more or less over your shoulders so that it works perfectly with your outfit.

Armour Style (Multi-Strand)

This style works best at night over a fitted dress in one colour. Not so great with patterns as they will visually compete with the complexity of the chain.

Bottom Line: I personally love any body chain over a bikini but of course the above are my preferences only so don't be afraid to mix it up! Whats your take on this season's body chains?

Body Chains now available at the Faire de la Mode Jewellery shop . International shipping offered, (just $1.99 to the U.S.) and shipping within Canada is just 99 cents and free in exchange for pick up in Toronto.


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