Interview with Lydia Tsung of DIA Collections

The DIA Brand launched in September 2011 and already the luxury sleep and loungewear brand is making waves in Toronto. DIA's 100% silk collection consists of  sleepwear sets, nightgowns, negligĂ©es, camisoles with matching shorts, pajama pants, ear looped eye masks, robes and the signature DIA padded winter house coat.

I personally modelled one of the silk housecoats from her collection at the Evening of Luxury Event. The feel of this housecoat is like no other you've worn before. It's silky smooth, lightly padded throughout and looks so amazing that I considered wearing it as an evening coat! I felt like I was wrapped in a luxurious, silk blanket! I was compelled to learn more about Lydia Tsung, the woman behind DIA.  
How did you get into luxury sleepwear design?  
Almost a decade ago I came up with my first silk padded jacket, it was meant for my mother.  She told me stories of what people would wear during the winters in her culture where the walls are not insulated and there was no heating.  The wealthy wore silk and the poor wore cotton versions. The fit was off in the first jacket so I ended up wearing it.  It became my comfort every winter.  I didn't really think about it becoming a collection until I began scouring the city for something similar and couldn't find anything remotely like it.  It was then I realized I might just be onto something special. 

Modelling DIA Winter House Coats with designer Lydia Tsung (centre) at Evening of Luxury Event

How would you describe your line? 
DIA Collections was born out of a love for comfort, function and style.  It's modern elegance and innovation.  Using silk as it's main quality, I wanted the best in what the fabric has to offer as well as the design and fit.  The silk housecoat is my signature item, it is light weight and deliciously warm, so comfortable you'll feel like you're being wrapped in love. Taking a hint of movie glamour for the modern woman yet still maintaining the function of everyday life.  DIA is not limited to being just a sleepwear collection, many pieces can be mixed in with our day pieces.  
Where do you find inspiration for your designs? 
Design inspiration comes from everywhere.  It comes in any form, a place, a person, a culture but what I look for most is clean lines and elegance. 

Ear looped silk eye mask

What is the price range for your line?  
Fall/Winter starts at $90-600 and Spring/Summer $75-400. 
Where can we purchase your pieces?  
We are available at our own online boutique at as well as Premier Jour Fine Lingerie, Ukamaku online shopping boutique and Liv by Au Lit. 

 Lydia Tsung can be contacted via


  1. Thanks Ranae! Well done! I really got a feel for the fabric and the feeling of luxury that these pieces inspire.


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