Castings, Auditions and Go-sees oh my!

Waiting to be seen...

So as you may know, next week Monday March 28th marks the beginning of Toronto Fashion Week and I have been busy running around to various castings around the city, often at very short notice. I always check out other models outfits when I attend castings. Every model has their own personal style but there are some basic guidelines that models tend to follow. Here is my list of casting outfit do's for the model newbies:

  •  Keep it simple: this goes for your outfit and makeup. While you should show your style sense, don't overdo it with really loud colours, tons of accessories and makeup. At a casting you are showing yourself off, not your clothes. You want the casting director to see you and not your huge pimped out necklace. And while we're on the subject of jewellery try to limit it to one accessory per ensemble.

  • Show your legs: wear a short skirt or dress or fitted pants: casting directors need to see your body so don't show up in a muumuu make sure your outfit is fitted.

Legs, legs, legs at Joe Fresh Casting
  • Keep it trendy: you want to look like you just walked out of VOGUE so make sure your outfit is up to date

  • Wear high heels: Invest your money in some casting shoes and only wear these to castings so they always look shiny and new. Heels should be at the very least 3" (it's far more typical to see girls wearing 4" heels see point 2 legs above)

  • Makeup; Less is more: keep your makeup fresh, clean and natural looking. Don't pile on layers of foundation, no yucky spider lashes or overpowering eyeshadow!!

Here are some of good examples of casting outfits from

Just add heels!

Fitted Pants

High waist +short hemline=long legs

Simple and stylish

Good luck models!


  1. very helpful tips for models.. too bad I am not one! But good knowledge to have nonetheless.. I hope you have a great time at fashion week!! I wish I could go too! Thanks for following my blog, I am following you now too ^-^


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