Which came first? Fashion or the Eating Disorder?

I recently posted a response to this poster and the accusations that went along with it. I agree that the fashion industry is thin obsessed but it certainly isn't the sole reason for the rise in eating disorders.

I believe that the problem is much broader than the fashion industry itself and harder to get rid of because it's everywhere, it's ingrained into society -it's cultural. And the fashion industry is a reflection of the culture that it exists in. If we really want to attack the problem then we need to do so from all angles.
As a society we are obsessed. Obsessed with diets, appearances and our weight. I think the root of the problem is, that we are relying more and more on our appearances to make us happy; and if we live by that standard, then we can always look younger, be thinner or prettier. The problem with that is, when does it stop? When are we young enough, thin enough or pretty enough to be happy with ourselves just the way we are? Why are we always waiting until_____(fill in the blank) happens before we can be happy; why can't we be happy right now?

Your thoughts?


  1. Encore heureux pour les Mac Do! ouf!
    Mais les jeunes sont entraînés par la société mais surtout par la mode et le monde de l'industrie du superficielle. Il ne faut pas oublier que certain(es) model(les) manquent de comportement et rôle model pour ces générations a venir.
    En tout cas, c'est mon avis.
    Votre blog est génial!

  2. Merci beaucoup!!!Je comprends ton avis et je pense que (malheureusement) les modèles et quelquefois les rôles modèles aussi pour beaucoup de filles alors qu’elles ne devraient pas l’être .


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