Kate Moss to open modelling school

36 year old supermodel Kate moss, is talking about opening her own modelling school. Moss who has been a successful model for over 20 years offers the following advice to models: "I guess you need an eye for art," she explains, "and also to get into your head that it's not you - you're somebody else. You have to be somebody else to be able to move like somebody else and act like somebody else." 

According to the telegraph Moss emphasizes the importance of working with what you have and states of herself, "I'm very short and I'm completely lopsided - I'm not like those perfect, gorgeous Brazilians. But if you learn how to work it, then that's it!" I totally agree Kate! Modelling is way more than being tall and thin! 

Would you enrol in Kate's modelling school? What do you think about modelling schools in general?