I had the chance to model Ecocessories jewellery, by designer Jessica Hill. I LOVE accessories so naturally I wanted to know more about Jessica's Line, Ecocessories.

Tell us a bit about Ecocessories Jewellery Recycling 

Ecocessories has a jewellery recycling service that takes in old, broken, and unwanted jewellery from women across Canada. I find it thrilling when someone decides to recycle their jewellery with me! It's an alternative to taking these items to the thrift store and relieves you of unwanted or broken jewellery! This is how I get my materials, and where I draw my inspiration from. 

Recyclers simply fill in a form at

How did you get into the jewellery design business? 

 After graduating with my business degree in Ontario, I headed out to Vancouver with a goal of rediscovering my artistic self! I took an interest in jewellery design after a then co-worker taught me a few tricks. 

Living in Vancouver really helped me start living a more eco-friendly lifestyle, by eating organically and using more environmentally-friendly products in my daily routine. When I started learning about eco fashion, and what producing a fair trade product meant, I knew I wanted my product to be eco-friendly. One day the idea for ecocessories came to me as a way to recycle jewellery, and apply my creative self through eco jewellery design! I enrolled in a silversmithing course in North Vancouver and started learning basic techniques studying with another local artisan jewellery designer. 

What's your favourite piece?

My favourite pieces are always changing with new designs, and because I have to let go of old ones! Most of my designs are one-of-a-kind, especially because of the limited quantities of the recycled beads and vintage components I work with. However right now, these are my favourites:

Lavender Garden Collar Necklace

Purple is my favourite colour so I wanted them to go into a special, one of a kind design, and this Lavender Garden Collar Necklace is the result!

Blue Daisy Brooch Necklace

 I love the way this necklace hangs, and the great shape and colour of the dusty blue lucite beads that are hugging the brooch on either side. This piece is girly, playful and elegant at the same time. I can't wait to see who it goes home with!
What struggles have you faced/conquered in starting your own business?

I think mostly just balancing the business activities with the design activities!
The business requires almost as much time as designing does, and the nature of my designs means I need to have the pieces designed first. As a one woman show, on the business side there is marketing, bookkeeping, and networking to think about too. 

Recently, being involved in the eco fashion show hosted by the Ministry of the Environment was a great opportunity for me. I was able to get my jewellery in front of people, and build some relationships along the way! This was a great marketing and networking opportunity for ecocessories, and had already resulted in sales for me too!

Also sometimes separating my emotions from the business can be a struggle because ecocessories is so close to my heart! I am very passionate about what I am doing, but I've learned you can't win em' all!

Designer, Jessica Hill

 And finally what motivates you?

I think just the opportunity to be my own boss and pursue something I love.
When I have business successes, it is incredibly personally rewarding as well! 

I love all of the people I have met and connected with along this journey, and the opportunity to inspire others. Every time I meet someone who supports and identifies with what I'm doing, I try to use that as motivation to continue working on my dream.

For more information on Jessica Hill’s Ecocessories check out: