Merde. Il neige.

Cafe rendez-vous

I knew this would happen...just like this...While I was innocently sleeping last night, something happened. It just snuck up on me...that THING that will be with us until March (or April if we are unlucky)...dare I call the  "S" word by name?

I woke up to a sea of white this morning- actually I woke up to the sounds of cars driving on already slushy streets- but that's besides the point...

IT'S SNOWING! Eff, eff, efffff!!!

I'll be braving the slippery streets of downtown Toronto today, getting that Christmas shopping done (p.s. why is the Eaton Centre soooo hot? I mean some of us walk there in actual winter clothing, stop roasting us to death!). Then I plan on resting my poor tootsies over a short salted caramel hot chocolate with whipped cream (bad, bad model!) at my corner Starbucks.


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