Boooo!!!...Christmas shopping!!

I hate Christmas shopping.

The combination of shopping malls packed with pissed off people bumping into me, getting run over by baby strollers, traffic and not to mention the stress of trying to find that perrrrfect gift (at the last minute of course :/ ) does not exactly put me in the christmas spirit.

However, this year, I did my research and found 10 FREE iPhone apps on that I hope will make Christmas shopping this year, a jollier experience. I will definitely make use of the shop savvy app. I love the idea of just scanning a product's barcode and instantly getting price comparisons from other retailers.

For all you Grinches out there, check out for a list of the cutest apps, that will be sure to boost your Christmas cheer (or if your a procastinator like me it proves to be nice distraction from that christmas budget your supposed to be working on). Decorate your iChristmas tree, shake a snow globe or turn your iPhone into sleigh bells; the choices are endlessly addictive.