How to dress for YOUR body

Faire de la mode everyday, by keeping these simple tips in mind.

Note: You may not fit exactly into one shape or the other so pick the one that most resembles your own body or ask a friend for an honest opinion.

Pear Shaped Body

(Luuuurve that tattoo!)
Like Rihanna, you are bootilicious. 

Most of your weight is situated on the lower half of your body: hips, thighs, bum or all of the above. 

Your upper half is slimmer in proportion to your lower half. Pears tend to be small busted with flatter stomachs relative to their hip size. Your waist is very defined.

Apple Shaped Body

The opposite of a pear you are boobilicous. 

You tend to have a larger bust with small hips and a small bum. Your legs and arms are usually very slender but that is not always the case. You have a thicker waist. Apples tend to
gain weight up top: chest and stomach. 

Tyra Banks is an example of an apple.

Hourglass Shaped Body

The hourglass is cited as the most desired body type. This is when the bust and hips are more or less the same size, and the waist is very defined. Nicki Minaj is a good example of an hourglass. 

I would say about 99.9% of clothing are designed with an hourglass figure in mind, even though it's the least common shape (no wonder shopping is such a pain in the ass for the rest of us!).

Great, I'm a _____ shape but what do I wear?

Well it's a matter of proportions. If you play up your smaller areas and down play your larger areas you will (ta-dah!) magically look proportioned. The idea is to show off your best assets. You can do that with colour, patterns, and the general fit of the garment.


Alicia Key's stylist is on point here!
  • Wear tops lighter than your bottoms. You can wear light coloured pants in general but wear them with a top which is even lighter. e.g. khaki pants=white top.
  • Keep patterns and embellishments above the waistline and keep those tops fitted through the bust and torso. A higher neckline makes the bust look fuller.
  • Look for mid-rise pants and jeans with large pockets(your bum will look smaller) in boot and straight leg.
  • Accessories and voluminous hair take the attention off your hips and on your slim face.


The ever beautiful Jennifer Hudson
  • Keep pants fitted. The skinny jean was made for you-if you tend to get muffin top get one with a high rise.
  • Keep darker colours on top and never wear high necklines: you will look like you have one giant boob.
  • High waistlines look great on you and makes your waist appear smaller
  • Embellishments at the hips like a nice flare, frills or patterned belt work beautifully to even out your proportions.     

Kim Kardashian: clothed edition
  • Belted tops and jackets emphasize your small waist
  • Like apples high necklines are unflattering : stick to scoop and v-necks
  • Like pears skip low-rise and opt for mid-high rise pants/jeans instead

And above all, no matter your shape or size, remember you are exactly the way your supposed to be: beautiful, special and worthy. The idea of a "perfect" body type is complete bullsh*t. Stop comparing yourself to others and show more love to your own body!


  1. I don't think that the hourglass is the best. Apple shape is the best shape. First off the "larger stomach" is not a problem. It is the best feature. A large pot shaped belly can be really sexy. I am a guy, and I think that apple is the best!

  2. you sound like a girl ^^

  3. Nicki Minaj's Body Is the Best I am 12 And I Would Dye For Tjhat Body Jheeze!

  4. I am well proportioned, I am none the above, what about women like us? I'm 5'7 120lbs top 34 A bottom 36-38.


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