Outdoor shoot: Cosmoplitan Tv

It's 12:00 p.m. and I find myself on a chilly November day sitting on a picnic bench watching two models in fishing outfits posing happily in front of a camera. I have a love/hate relationship with outdoor shooting. On the one hand, its really easy to pretend your in the "wild" when your in a park with trees and grass, as oppose to under the blinding lights of a grey and sullen photographer's studio...

but on the other hand there maybe no dressing room, bathroom and then there's the weather: it may be the coldest day of the year but you gotta look warm and happy (insert fake grin here).

Oh so Cosmo! Host - Jacqui Skeete :)
I am called over by the stylist to get changed...in the back of a van.

He hands me my outfit and I find myself in awkward positions trying to take my clothes off and my new outfit on. I've learned that a 5'11" girl putting on super tight skinny jeans in a van, where the roof is only about 3 feet high, is NOT an easy task. Sweating now (but dressed!) I shimmy out of the van-the stylist seems happy with the outfit and then I am handed a leash with a very scrawny, very bald doggie wearing a camouflage hoodie on the other end. We all take a walk over to the shooting site. The cameraman and producer are talking about lighting and angles-I end up making conversation with the male model on the shoot who looks as equally dumbfounded as to what they are talking about as I.

The stylist, the model and "the diva" (dog in camouflage)
He asks me the first question that any model asks another model "What agency are you with?" As a model, you are always judged by what agency you are with and it seems that models are always agency shopping, it's like that whole "grass is always greener on the other side" mentality. The camera crew now looks ready and ask me to walk down a pathway with the dog on my left side, then my right, then closer to host, then towards the male model over and over and over again, taking stops in between for noise interuptions (plane flying above!) and doggie bathroom breaks :S.

The male model and I are joking about my poor bald doggie, who is trembling in the cold, despite wearing a jacket. "I think we're done guys!" the host suddenly bursts out. My joy quickly turns to concern when I remember I have to change out of my clothes in the van again :S

Soon the models are back in a cab heading home and we all bitch about the usual stuff: being in debt to your agency, Toronto not having enough work for fashion models, $$$, blah, blah, blah. And while at times its hard, I keep doing it because of the adventure, because you never know what opportunity is just waiting for you. It is a risk but how will you know how far you can go if you play it safe, doing what you should do or what other's expect of you, your whole life. It's YOUR life!